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How To Make The Most Of A Scouting Trip To Bellingham

Thinking of moving to Bellingham, WA, but have never even been here? Lots of people want to check out the area to determine if its a place they actually want to live. Here's a plan to make the most of a short trip to Bellingham. Before You Get Here 1. Make a list of what's important to you. Like to hike?  Want a hospital close by? Are you a big shopper? Like quality entertainment? Ride horses? Weave or knit? Hunt?  Take classes? It...Continue Reading!

How To Get Someone To Buy A House For You

What a nice thought. Could it be? Absolutely, this is really what real estate investing is all about. Getting others to buy property for you. It happens all the time. I call it... The Equity Play You buy a house where the rent you collect covers the mortgage payments and expenses. Pros: Someone not only pays all your expenses but takes care of the place and makes a number of repairs for the cost of materials only. Cons: In it’s pure takes 30 years. The time it takes...Continue Reading!