The Top 3 Questions You Need To Ask Your Prospective Listing Agent

Question symbolA lot of people ask, “How many agents do I need to interview?

I don’t care if you interview one or twenty, the key word here is interview.

Maybe the agent you met at the open house is fine – interview them. Maybe your nephew, the realtor you go to church with, your neighbor, the one with the nicest smile is the best match. Just interview!

Selling your house represents liquidating your biggest asset for most Bellingham folks. My point is don’t pick the person who will be your advisor, advocate and negotiator lightly.

What do you ask? There are a ton of possible questions, here are 3 that are imperative:

Are you a full-time Realtor? For how long?

This should be their actual job – not something they do on the side and nothing against the new and excited people, but there is nothing that takes the place of hard won experience in the trenches. Real Estate is tricky, you want someone good. Statistically, a high percentage of agents wash out in the first three years, so there’s the minimum.

How many homes do you sell each year?

This should be self-explanatory. The average according to the National Association of Realtors is 8. That’s actually pretty pathetic. If you hire someone who is living at poverty level, how are they going to afford to promote your home? If they are not selling at least a dozen, they should probably be in another line of work. And by the way, they should be able to prove it.

What will you do to get my home sold?

It’s amazing how many agents don’t have a written marketing plan. Don’t hire someone  who is just “winging it”. This is important stuff, if they can’t give you an actual plan for which they can be held accountable, move on. And if they don’t get more in depth than sign, ad, MLS…you can do better.

You don’t have to grill them with a bright light in their face, but a few simple questions geared to determine their competence can make all the difference between success and failure in your home selling endeavor. There are 716 licensed Realtors in Whatcom County. Get a good one.