Now I Have $900, Who’ll Give Me $1000? Bellingham Public Car Auction

People Watching Score: 6 (out of 10)Bellingham Public Car Auction

Expense Scale: If you don’t buy anything – $0

The Bellingham Public Auction is held the last Saturday of the month on the corner of Humboldt and Kentucky. Besides a lot of cars and trucks of every age and type, there were 4 collector cars, a couple brand new vehicles, a nice John Deer tractor, flat bed trucks, a 38 foot RV and on and on. There was a good crowd.

You pay a $200 fee for your bidder number, refundable if you don’t buy anything. If you buy something the balance, in cash, is due on Monday. The crowd follows the auctioneer around the lot as he auctions off each vehicle. Everyone subtly tries to see who’s bidding. Then everybody judges to themselves or friend if that was a good buy or not.  It’s fun.

There is a 10% fee to the auctioneer plus tax so round it to 20% over the final bid. That’s what you are really paying.

There were some decent cars for kids – not too expensive, not too flashy, but probably sound. The RV was very nice and went for $36,000. Even with the extra $6000 in fees and taxes it seemed like a pretty good deal.

You may or may not be in the market, but auctions are always fun and it’s a great place to run into people you haven’t seen in a while.