Oyster Run 2010 – From Bellingham to Anacortes

People Watching Score: 10 (out of 10)

Cost: It’s free although there are plenty of things to buy.

Oyster Run In Anacortes

Oyster Run In Anacortes

It doesn’t matter if you even have a motorcycle. Oyster Run in Anacortes in the Fall is just a fun day. A HUGE amount of motorcycles, masses of people and tons of food. It’s this Sunday, September 26th.

If you do have a mototcycle you must do this.

Coming from Bellingham, it’s nice to wind down Chuckanut Drive along the water. Turn on Bow Hill Road to Edison.

That’s where you start to really see the mass of bikes. Coming or going stop into The Longhorn in Edison, it’s a great party. After Edison, turn on the Bayview Edison Road. This takes you through Bayview and along a scenic route beside the water. The police patrol so watch your speed through here.

Plenty of motorcycles

Plenty of motorcycles

Keep going  it’ll take you right to Highway 20, turn right and follow it into Anacortes. Bikes sort of parade down the main street as they come and go. Either park along the route or in one of a dozen parking lots.

One of the bank parking lots will have some antique bikes on display – but the whole place is a display. My head just spins around constantly, there is so much to look at.

The first time I saw it was by accident, coming back from the San Juans, now I don’t like to miss it.

Hope to see you there this Sunday.