Becoming Pro-Active in Local Bellingham Issues

Bellingham City Council

Bellingham City Council

Have you ever talked to or written your City or County councilperson? Have you ever attended a City or County Council meeting?  If you haven’t, I challenge you to make it a goal this year.

What I have found in attending council meetings is, unless there is a volatile subject being considered, there is a regular contingency of citizens that attend and speak…and although they are  “speaking for the public” – I’ll tell you what – they aren’t speaking for me! And frankly some of them are just kooks.

The big volatile meetings can be long but they are quite entertaining. It’s also fun to note how intolerant we are of differing opinions. I know I can be pretty bad. Good thing they don’t sell tomatoes.

What is very interesting is to see how the different Council members think, express themselves, get involved and most importantly – vote.

You voted for someone (I hope). You really ought to see them at work. Then you’ll know whether they are taking the stands you expected and if you’d vote for them again.

For their schedule, go to the Bellingham City Council website.

They meet twice a month on Mondays at 7pm, but did you know you can watch recorded sessions online? It’s on that same site.

Names, contact information and biographies on each of the council people can be accessed as well. Whatcom County Council website. They meet every other Tuesday evening at 7pm. Their schedule, agenda and lots of information about past and present actions are available on the site.

Council meetings are probably not going to go down as one of your thrills in life but we do have some responsibilities as citizens. Keeping an eye on our leaders is one of them.

It’s invalid to complain if you don’t get involved.