Under $300,000 Sales For October 2010 in Bellingham Wa

There were 34 residential sales in Bellingham under $300,000 in October.

Lowest priced sale in Bellingham in October

Lowest priced sale in Bellingham in October

Here’s the lowest:

510 W. Illinois

  • 1208 square feet
  • 3 bd, 1 bath
  • Fixer-upper
  • Central location on arterial
  • Asking – $125,000
  • Sold for $100,000
  • 66 days on the market



Even in this slow market, we have sales that happen as soon as we put the house on the market. Sometimes we even have multiple offers. This month these homes sold in less than 10 days.

From the left:

1715 Woburn – 4 bd/2 ba, 2000 sf, built in 1979, fixer, sold for $131,000.

2410 Ellis – 3 bd/1 ba, 1363 sf, built in 1900, lots of new stuff, sold for $190,000.

3813 Ohio – 2 bd/1 ba, 864 sf, built in 1975, good area, sold for $195,000

For homes under $300,000 the average market time in October was 75 days. Average size was 1633 sq with 3 bdrms, 1.75 baths.

They sold for 94% of their asking price on average and 88% of their original asking price – so in other words the average house started at $252,159, lower their price to $235,041 and then sold for $220,735.

There were a total of 64 sales in Bellingham for the month of October. So the bulk of all residential sales were under $300,000 – 53% to be exact. 

To put this in a little perspective, there were 9 sales over $500,000 with the top sale at $1,040,000 for a Chuckanut waterfront home that was a short sale.

If you’d like information about a sale in your neighborhood or a specific home you’ve been watching, contact me – I am happy to get that information for you.