Real Estate and QR codes – Beam Me Up Scotty!

QR codeWhat is this? Maybe you’re all up-to-speed, maybe you don’t have a clue. If not, you are looking at the future.

This is a QR (quick response) code. It’s basically a barcode for websites.

To read it you need a smart phone. Most come with a barcode reader app already installed. If you don’t have one, it’s free to download. The one on my Droid is called simply Barcode Scanner. Go to the marketplace and just type it in and voila! You are set to go.

When you see one of these little guys just tap your barcode scanner and it activates your phone camera with a little square grid. Center the QR code in the grid, it beeps when the code is captured. You then have the option to open your browser and go to the site or share it via email or SMS.

Now start noticing. It’ll be like the new car syndrome, you’ll start to see them everywhere.

The cool new way to use them for real estate is instead of, or in addition to, flyers. Realtors are starting to put them on signs or sign riders. So just imagine…now there’s another dangerous thing to do with your cell phone while driving on top of texting and talking. Just kidding, hopefully, it’s the passenger who is doing the scanning.

A lot of stores, like Best Buy for instance, are using these so you can go instantly to the detailed product information.

It’s the new hot tech trick that is going mainstream. Like most tech tricks, some QR codes will waste your time leading to something completely devoid of interest or appeal, but others will be used as intended…as a huge timesaver.