Who Says The Weather Is Lousy In Bellingham?

Rotten Fall day in Bellingham, WAYou’ve heard we get a lot of rain? That’s just not true. We get less rain than New York City. About 35 inches a year.

The different is… some show-off cities like to dump all their rain at once but we prefer to savor it, drizzling it over whole seasons in fact. No, we don’t get a lot of ran but yes, it can feel like it rains all the time – especially in the Fall.

But wait, it’s not just the rain in the Fall. We get wind. Not some piddly, weak breeze – real, branches down, wake you up at night wind. If it’s from the north, it’s cold. If it’s from the south, it’s strong.  Like last night, gusting to 60, I woke up several times to what sounded like a locomotive roaring through my yard.

Every place has it’s variety of lousy weather. I have found that we seem to take our lousy weather in stride until around week 3 of continous gray skies and drizzle. Couple that with the return to Standard Time and sunsets (if we could see them) at 4:15pm and you have a recipe for depression. The picture above was taken at 2pm as a reference point.

Does this sound whiny? Maybe, but it’s reality and the price we pay for our lush green home. The weather discourages some people from moving to Bellingham and that’s fine with us. This is a smallish town (about 65,000) and we like it that way. Most people live here for the incredible beauty, the proximity to world class cities (Vancouver, BC and Seattle) without being in them, lakes, bays, islands, mountains and the wonderful mix of people. There is a price for everything and November is just one of ours.