3 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Sell

1. If you are selling to buy something bigger/better – is that opportunity knocking? For instance, if Soldyou are moving up…this market is great for you. Outgrown your present home? Just want more space? Acreage, maybe? Now is your time. In the Bellingham area, there are some tremendous bargains in the $399,00-$499,000 range. For that you can get a big house – 2700-4000sf, newer, in a good to great area. Or you can have a 2000-2500+ sf house on 5 acres with a shop. Throw in a view of Mt Baker. If you are willing to do some work, pay even less than that. If you have been wanting and planning to move bigger or better, do not let the fact that you can’t get what you want from your present home stop you. Now is not the time to be short-sighted.

From a percentage basis, the lower end homes have depreciated less than the higher end homes. The market is on your side if you are moving up.

2.If you are buying your last home.  I have heard this line from many clients only to be selling their home 5 years later. So let’s say, for people in  the age 60+ category. There are many areas around the country that have lost more value than we have in the Pacific Northwest. Yet many of these areas are places that would be great to live. Where do you want to live, or go back to, or follow grandchildren to? This might be the time.

3. If you want to move to Arizona. I’m not kidding – there are some absolutely screaming bargains for beautiful retirement homes in golf course communities, gated, un-gated, pools, no pools. Whatever you want. If that’s where you’ve been dreaming of going, this is your market. Our market has held up very well in comparison, yet many Pacific Northwesterners enjoy the opportunity to live in a dry climate. Even if you don’t want to sell now – buying the second home in Arizona is a savy move you would thank yourself for later.

If you need help pricing your home or for referrals to good agents in other places, contact me.