Preparing Your Home For Sale – 5 part guide to staging your home.

Let’s face it…most people don’t live this way! Many of these tips may appear overstated or unrealistic to you and your lifestyle. However, your home has now become a product offered for sale.  Just as an automobile is detailed before you try to sell it, we are detailing your house, or as the REALTORS say, “Staging Your House to Sell.”  We want to make the product, Your House, appealing to the majority of buyers. The closer you can get your home to the “ideal,” the more your goals of a quick sale at a good price will be accomplished. PLEASE don’t be offended. You deserve more than a sign out front and an occasional ad in the paper. Below are items we have discovered over the years that will help your home sell fast. The most important thing is -They work. Your home will be compared to model homes that are vacant and always clean, open and spotless. 

Buyers First Impressions
Your home’s “Curb Appeal.”  The first impression from the street and the view outside the front door is the most Make a great impressionimportant thing that entices the potential buyer to take a look inside.

Remember, you are competing with over 1700 houses and condos for sale in Whatcom County.

From the Outside and more

  • New floor mat at entry.
  • Install new mail box and post if aged.
  • Repaint exterior if needed. If brick, make sure trim is painted.
  • Pressure-wash the home and driveway.
  • Keep front porch clean and newspapers and flyers picked up.
  • Replace missing shingles, as needed.
  • Clean gutters.
  • Clean windows until they shine—scrape if necessary.
  • Clean shutters.
  • Replace shutters if needed.
  • Repair any broken boards on fence.
  • Remove old rusted swing set, old basketball hoops, rusted lawn furniture, old rusted grill, dead trees or shrubs, old flowers from the past season, leaves, dead branches, weeds and debris.
  • Garbage cans need to be stored neatly in the garage or designated area where they are out of sight.
  • Edge the lawn and use quick greening fertilizer.
  • Add mulch to flower beds and shrubs.
  • Remove children’s toys and bikes.
  • Remove leaves, pine needles from lawn and roof. Remove any moss from the roof.
  • Cut lawns, shrubs and plant fresh growing colorful flowers.
  • Paint, stain or varnish front door and polish hardware. Install kick plate.
  • Oil squeaky doors.

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