Preparing Your Home For Sale – Part 2 of 5 -Step Inside

Before and afterContinued from Part 1

Let’s step inside.

The Foyer

  • The Foyer supports the desire to look further. Make sure it is clean, no cluttered furniture, light fixtures sparkles, floors are spotless and the general area is inviting.
  • A small entrance table with fresh cut flowers adds a nice touch if there is room.
Guest Closet

  • 50% of hanging clothing should be taken out.  No boxes or clutter. Lots of room.
  • “Simple Solution” added for fresh smell.

Family-Living-Great Room

  • Put away all collections, (figurines, and fragile items)
  • Store all political, religious, and sports paraphernalia away, as well as any business items and personal awards.  Failure to do this will result in the potential buyer spending to much of their time looking at the paraphernalia or may be offended by your political, religious, or sports affiliations, resulting in less time looking at the house as it would fit their lifestyle.
  • No animal fur rugs.
  • No family photos.
  • Remove all crowded furniture. Open the room up; show lots of space with an even flow pattern.
  • Clean fireplace.
  • Clean light fixtures.

Dining Room

  • Take extra leaf out of table.
  • Put nice white tablecloth on table.
  • Nice simple arrangement in center of table.
  • Clean chandelier and light fixtures. The globes from the chandelier can be put in dishwasher.


  • Many people think the hallway is the place to hang all family pictures, and when you’re living there it is. When you’re selling it’s not. Remove all pictures, putty all holes and repaint the entire hallway.
  • If you have a disappearing staircase in the hall, make sure it is air tight, and it operates smoothly. All ladder rungs are secure and the light works in the attic.

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