Preparing Your Home For Sale – Part 3 of 5 – Kitchen/Baths

Continued from Part 2 The Inside

It’s the favorite room of the house and the most important for many buyers.

The Kitchen

  • Clean the kitchen from top to bottom.Clean, clean, and clean more!
  • Clean the oven and the stove until they shine.
  • Clean the refrigerator.
  • Remove all refrigerator magnets and items from the front and the sides. This includes all children pictures from school.
  • Put all small appliances under the cabinets every day.
  • Put away all items from the countertops. People want to see space, lots of space, and if its not there they’ll go somewhere else.
  • Clean the inside of the dishwasher—Run the dishwasher with powdered instant lemonade such as Countrytime in the soap dishes.  When you run with Countrytime, make sure there are no dishes in the dishwasher. The citric acid works wonders!
  • Clean out drawers to eliminate fears of too little space.
  • ½ lemon run through your garbage disposal will give it a fresh clean smell.
  • Remove all trash daily.
  • Remove pet dishes, toys and little boxes from kitchen.
  • Have dated appliances re-finished. (Gold, brown, avocado green).

Eat-in kitchen, take out extra leaf in table. Nice tablecloth. Centerpiece arrangement. Open curtain and let lots of light in


  • Clean ceramic tile and grout. (Paint and supply stores have a brush-on grout cleaner.)
  • Repair loose or cracked tile.
  • Downplay dated ceramic tile color with white towels and window treatments, plus scatter rugs.
  • Clean tub/shower thoroughly and leave the shower curtain open, to add more depth.
  • Shine all fixtures, and remove stain from sinks.
  • Replace rusted sinks or if small area cover with touch up.
  • Repair leaking faucets and toilets.
  • Remove personal toiletries on display.
  • Glue down all wallpaper where loose. Remove if dated.
  • Repair or replace defected exhaust fans.
  • Install GFI outlet.
  • Clean all areas squeaky clean.

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