Preparing Your Home for Sale – Part 4 of 5 – Bedrooms/Basements

Continued from Part 3 – Kitchen and Baths

Moving on to the bedrooms…

Bedroomsshow off the space

  • New bedspreads if possible will make the room look great and can be taken with you when you move.
  • Make beds everyday. (Children will receive a prize at closing. Ask Nancy about the Junior Listing Agreement.)
  • Headboards free and clean of clutter.
  • All children’s toys put away.
  • Remove bulky furniture, room will appear larger.
  • Remove dark or outdated wallpaper. Paint if needed with light neutral color.
  • Clean out closets (50% rule.) Make them appear as if there is plenty of room to spare.
  • Install closet organizers and keep clothes neat.
  • Organize shoes.

Master Bedrooms (One of the most important rooms in the house)

  • Remove all excessive furniture.
  • Closets 50% rule, no clutter on floor. (Seasonal clothing only in closet.)
  • New bedspread, open curtains.
  • No clutter on top of furniture.
  • Clean ceiling fans and light fixtures.

Room Over Garage

  • Make sure the staircase up is clean of debris and the handrail is tight and secure.
  • Remove excessive furniture.

Garage / Basement

  • Remove stains from garage floors.
  • Make garage and basement look functional and well organized.
  • Clean all windows/cobwebs in corners etc.
  • Do not store extra boxes in garage (consider renting a storage unit).
  • Spray with “Simple Solution” to give a fresh smell.


  • Make sure porch is clean and swept.
  • Cobwebs removed.
  • Furniture is clean and orderly, not excessive.


  • Clean and nail down any loose boards.
  • Consider staining with sealer stain.
  • All rails are to be secure.
  • Make sure all steps are tight.

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