Love A Pretty Yard, Hate The Work? Here’s An Easy Solution.

The Hearty Red Columbine blooms May to August

The Hearty Red Columbine blooms May to August

Plant Native Plants!

“But they aren’t pretty.” you say.


There are over 200 species that work well in Western Washington. See a list by clicking here. You can pick them by color, when they bloom, sun or shade, dry or wet.

There are 6 excellent reasons to plant native plants, and I think you’ll see the time, money and work savings right away.

  1. They are adapted to our clinate of wet winters and dry summers.
  2. They need less water than non-natives once established.
  3. They resist native pests and diseases better than non-natives.
  4. Improve water quality by needing less fertilizer and no pesticides.
  5. They provide shelter, food and pollination opportunities for native wildlife.

Where do you get native plants? If you have a friend who lives on acreage, especially wooded acreage, you could dig up some starts. Ferns are especially easy to transplant.

An easier way is to go to the Whatcom Conservation District’s Annual Plant Sale. It’s on March 19th at the Whatcom County Community College. You can pre-order by March 4th or take your chances at the actual sale. They have the plants broken down by trees, bushes, ground covers and so on for easy ordering.

A lot of the plants you will recognize because, well… they’re native and grow along the roads and trails.

Try introducting a bush or some columbine in with your existing landscape – or start a new bed with all natives.

It makes your yard pretty, saves you a lot of work and gives you points on your Environmentally Conscious score card.