You Know You’re A Lousy Neighbor If…

Have you ever wanted to move because you have a lousy neighbor? It happens more often than you might think. We have to live together and how you show respect to the people you live around says a lot about you.

You aren’t a good neighbor if:

You allow your dog to bark all night (or all day when you are gone).

You allow your dog(s) to frighten and intimidate neighborhood walkers and bicyclists.

You make your neighbors look at your junk stash. My favorite is when you put it out of your view, behind, say, a garage, but in your neighbor’s view.

You plant landscape trees that will eventually block your neighbors views.

You let your existing trees grow up and block views.

You throw a hissy fit when someone wants to cut trees that belong to them.

You engage in loud activities on a regular basis. Notice that I didn’t say “late at night”.

You claim the public right-of-way in front of your house as yours and try to restrict its use by others with gardens and things to block parking.

You paint your house an obnoxious color.

You may say, “That’s why I own a house – so I can do what I please.” And I absolutely defend that stance, but keep it appropriate. For example, if you must be surrounded by trees, don’t live in a valuable view area, go to the woods. If you have to express yourself through crazy colors, do it inside where you can enjoy them more intimately. If you are in a band or run loud equipment, sound-proof the garage.

We do all have to live together. Don’t insist on your God-given right to be a source of constant irritation to the people around you.