Bellingham and Whatcom County April 2011 Real Estate Numbers

Ick – that’s all I can say. The only good news is that the inventory is lower than April 2010, but it has taken a jump since March.

The green bars are the number of houses currently on the market. The dark blue bars are closed sales. The red line is pending sales (which will generally be the closings for the following month). Here is all of Whatcom County:

Whatcom County April 2011I was encouraged last month when the pending sales (red line) was higher than the previous year, but unfortunately the increase not only didn’t continue, it has decreased. Pending sales for April 2011 are almost 100 sales lower than April 2010, that’s a 33% decrease!

Closed sales are barely up over March closed sales and down from a year ago.

Here’s Bellingham.

Bellingham April 2011Even ickier – pending sales are down 41% for Bellingham. Both pending and closed sales are down from March. This is Spring, sales are supposed to be increasing. Like the rest of Whatcom County, inventory is down over last year but up from the previous month. I’m going to go throw up now.