Why Smart Sellers Stage Vacant Houses

Look at the difference in this very nice home in Sudden Valley, Bellingham, WA.

The vacant rooms don’t tell you anything. You can’t tell how big, or small they are. There’s no warmth. There’s no allure. If you were a buyer, which house would you want to see?

Remember that now nearly 90% of ALL home buyers search for homes on the internet. You have to make this first important cut. Your vacant rooms won’t make anyone’s heart beat faster.

A few thoughts about staging vacant homes:

  • Don’t use the old furniture you don’t want to take with you. Not the impression we’re going for.
  • Hire a stager. They are well worth the money and run about $350 for a consultation where they can visit the house and chose pieces that will best enhance each area. There’s a monthly or quarterly charge for the furniture. It varies widely so you’ll have to check around.
  • You don’t have to do the whole house. That would be ideal but it’s not entirely necessary. Do the living room, dining room and kitchen at a minimum. Get advice from the stager on this.
  • Think of it as a way to make a buyer respond positively to the first impression of your house.
  • Think of this simply as a cost of doing business. Your house is a product on the market and you have to help make it stand out. Pictures of it will be blasted everywhere – make the most of them.

Your effort counts. Showing your house off, means good pictures. It’s hard to take a great picture of a vacant room.