HUD Foreclosures In Bellingham and Whatcom County – Week of 12/26/11

There are more HUD homes for sale this week than normal. 9 total. Only 2 are new.

This new one is at 3625 W. Rusley and they are asking $205,000. It’s a 3 bdrm, 2 bath, built in 1968.  West Rusley is a little close to the freeway as you can see on the map, but not a bad area or neighborhood. It looks like a pretty good deal.



Click here to see the others available this week. Prices are as low as $73,800! The highest is $225,000.

If you’d like to make an offer, see inside or get more information, contact me.

If you don’t know about buying HUD homes, here’s what you need to know.