French Flea Market Meets Driftwood Salvage – Design Trends For 2012

It means that most anything goes in 2012. With the housing market still in the dumps, many people are choosing to update their current home. Here are some tips from top designers.

Emphasis on contrasts… in textures, patterns and colors.

“The basics get bolder: Over the last year, we’ve seen wood finishes getting lighter, rougher and unfinished. As a result, upholstered furniture is fighting back from beige! We are seeing a slow trend towards bright, colorful and bold patterned sofas and chairs. It’s not “grandma’s floral,” but rather rich velvets, silks and chintz with bold patterns and contrast.”  Kelli Ellis Interiors, Orange County, CA

“Layers of silky fabrics and luxurious wool, the combination of velvet and brick, stainless steel and wood design ideas create attractive contrasts.  Mixing decor accessories, made of natural stone and shiny plastic, metal, wood and fabrics are interesting home decorating ideas that add charm and unique character to contemporary interior design.”  Accord Staging – see their blog.

What’s happening on the color front? We continue with deep and bold colors.

“The dominant color is Grey. Warm Grey, Light Grey, Charcoal Grey. On walls, furnishings, window treatments, artwork, grey will be everywhere. Also coming on strong will be Yellow! In addition, know that Orange will still be hanging around; Purple is on its way out and Brown, which had a very long run, is gone.” Stephanie Henley (Stephanie coined the title phrase.)

Remember: Paint is still the cheapest improvement with the most impact. Fresh paint makes everything look new. Pick a  modern color scheme to make your home current.

Supersizing is still in…giant mirrors, large wall art, over-sized graphic scale. On a budget? Try stencils, framed posters or enlarged photographs.

If moving isn’t in the cards for you this year, remodeling and updating can make your current home your dream home.