7 Features Builders Are Leaving Out Of New Homes In 2012

  1. Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces– Pegged as a way to spend a lot of money that could go into features that are used more (especially in the Pacific Northwest).

    Builder's are spending money elsewhere.

  2. 2 Story Entries & 2 Story family rooms. Vaulted is as far as we get but we’re cutting out the massive air volume.
  3. Media Rooms. Yep, they had a short life. Media is moving more central into the family and living rooms.
  4. 40 showerhead showers. Nobody gets full use of them anyway. This will get toned down to multiple but much less.
  5. Ditto on the whirlpool tubs. Finally! No one uses these either. Tubs will stay but will be more of a statement and less motorized.
  6. Formal Living Rooms. The transition to the great room concept is complete. Most families still need a family room or bonus room, it just won’t be a living room.
  7. Ditto on Formal Dining Rooms. We are elimiating the many rooms and making larger open rooms.