Carbon Monoxide Detectors Mandatory April 1st 2012

Did you know that Carbon Monoxide can kill you in a matter of minutes? In Washington state, 1000 people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning since 1990.

As of April 1st, sellers of single family homes, condos and mobile homes must install carbon monoxide detectors. So far this just applies to selling but in January 2013 it is likely that all homes will be required to have detectors.

Homes that have electric heat are not exempt and homes without attached garages are not exempt.

Bank owned properties are are exempt. Short sales where the seller is living in the house must comply.

New construction has been required to install detectors since January 2011.

The building code requires detectors outside each sleeping area, and on each floor. If all the bedrooms are upstairs, you must still install one on the main floor.

Detectors cost around $25 and may be battery operated.

Whether you are selling or not, why not protect yourself and your loved ones?