Bellingham and Whatcom County
Washington state

About Nancy Braam

Okay, I admit it, I just really like real estate. I like putting people together with places. I like interesting buildings and all kinds of land. I like new construction, developing, and real estate for investment. It is such a better investment medium than stocks and mutual funds. What have you got with those – paper. You can walk right up to your real estate and see it, feel it, touch it. Everyone needs a roof over their head, it’s not a fad or a phase. Investing in something  that everyone needs is not a bad plan.

You say – owning real estate is a lot of problems. I say you are thinking small. This is not uncharted territory. Whatever you’ve thought of doing has been done lots of times before. It’s been perfected. People have written about it, blogged about it, taught about it and there are plenty of seasoned advisers. That’s where I come in.

Nothing scares me about real estate. Most anything that can happen, most likely I’ve dealt with it before. And because once in a while there’s a new twist or something I haven’t experienced, I fall back on my philosophy that 1.) I don’t stop until my client tells me to, and 2) I always try “one more thing”.

That’s why  my logo is “A Good Idea”. My friends and family will confirm that I am famous for saying “I’ve got an idea!”  I believe there is always another idea. If I can just keep thinking, sooner or later it will be an idea that works. Because of it, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of making things happen that just couldn’t have happened without my involvement. No bragging, just saying. That is also the very thing that I love most about it .

It boils down to the maybe corny, maybe sappy saying that what I do is help people accomplish their dreams.

If you could use a competent guide and advisor. Ask to interview me.

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