Bellingham and Whatcom County
Washington state


Key Facts about Everson:

● Incorporated in 1929
● Population of 2,481 residents
● Festivals: Summer Festival, Harvest Festival

Everson, Washington is small city that – despite its size – maintains big influence over regional culture, agriculture, and recreation. Part of the reason for its widespread influence is that Everson is home to some of nature’s most beautiful sites: with views of the magnificent Cascade mountains, with the Nooksack River within reach, and with colorful fruit and berry farms lining the land.

Everson’s beauty doesn’t simply make it an appealing destination, it’s also what defines it. The local economy is driven by these gorgeous orchards, complemented by logging industries and the Dutch inspired dairy farms in the community. And, although early European influence has a place in Everson’s rural areas, its urban districts exhibit more of a modern Washington feel. The developing part of town is home to a small business district as well as contemporary restaurants and stores.

With equal access to city and country, the Everson community seems to mostly celebrate its relationship to the outdoors. That’s why the town’s parks are sprinkled with picnic tables, sports fields, and seasonal festivals. So, while Everson is a small city, it’s made up of a tightknit community that highlights relationships to the land and to each other. Most importantly, this is a tightknit community that welcomes you.

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