Bellingham and Whatcom County
Washington state


Key Facts about Ferndale

● Incorporated in 1907
● Population of 11,415 residents
● Parks/Farms: Pioneer Park and Hovander Homestead Park
● Climate: Mild

Ferndale, Washington is a welcoming and rustic home to gorgeous farmlands, celebrated park systems, and beautiful flowing water. With close proximity to larger Bellingham and to the Canadian border, Ferndale is the perfect, quaint home base for those who love agriculture, nature, and a peaceful environment. Originally, Ferndale’s economy was rooted in the timber industry, marking the beginning of the city’s tight knit relationship with the earth beneath them. Area residents began cultivating crops and farming dairy. And for good reason: the soil had proven to be uniquely fertile and farmlands to be exceptionally rich. To this day, Ferndale produces over 65% of the red raspberries grown in Washington.

Ferndale’s lush landscape and natural resources are put to good use for the entire community, as well. With almost 50 acres of city parks, this small Washington town furnishes its residents with a large amount of outdoor activities, leisurely opportunities, and flourishing public space. One park has well-preserved historical cabins, one is a preserved homestead along the Nooksack River and the new river walk area right downtown is a great place to linger. As Ferndale’s city continues to develop and its land continues to thrive, this is the type of growth, community, and scenery that you’ll want to be a part of.

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